Introducing VPN Freely: New App Deserving the Title of the Best VPN for iOS

October 02 13:27 2017
Anyone looking for the best VPN for iOS now has an app they can trust completely. VPN Freely secures iPhones and iPads from hackers in a single click. The app is Free but has Premium upgrade features for those who really love streaming video and require faster download speeds.

Searching for the best iOS VPN is a smart thing to do because there are many to pick from. The amount of damage a hacker can do to by stealing people’s private data cannot be measured. These criminals can literally ruin lives, and many of them achieve this by hunting around public WiFi hotspots. VPN Freely for iOS secures your gadget’s data stream when the user connects to public WiFi. Therefore, it provides protection at the most vulnerable spots.

What Makes VPN Freely the Best VPN for iOS?

vpn freely ios appVPN Freely is an app that aims to provide the highest level of protection to any iPhone and iPad. It encrypts the internet traffic thereby preventing hackers from hijacking private information exchanged through free WiFi networks.

This free iOS VPN security tool must be activated manually after the device connects to a WiFi hotspot. One simply needs to activate the app and click ‘Secure Me’. That’s how in one simple click the iPhone user can protect their data with a 256 bit bank-grade VPN server encryption. The app will transfer your gadget’s traffic to a secure IP. In essence, the program works like a Proxy and ensures the user’s protection regardless of the WiFi hotspot’s security level.

With VPN Freely one can even use banking applications while connected to the Internet through a free coffee shop network. Any information exchanged between the device and servers it connects to will be secure. The secure VPN servers provide complete privacy and ensure your internet activity is not tracked or logged.

VPN Freely as a free iOS VPN App & Security Tool: Features

The new VPN Freely manages to contend for being the best VPN for iOS due to its reliability and helpful features. The application does not only guarantee security of the user’s information. It’s also very easy to use and connects within an instant. This means that one can secure their iPhone or iPad immediately after downloading and installing the program.

There is no lengthy registration process and the app doesn’t demand any private information. If the user chooses, they won’t need to share their phone number and even email to use this free iOS VPN app.

Additional benefits from the developer are provided for subscribing to the app’s newsletter or a Premium account. The latter enables one to use the full range of the application’s features, including:

  • No data limits for downloads and traffic
  • No limits for the session length (no time-out)
  • Tying the app to the Apple ID (allows using VPN Freely Premium on 5 Apple devices)
  • No in-app advertisements

VPN Freely provides the same high level of data protection to Free users and those who upgrade to Premium. However, users who enjoy streaming video and music online will appreciate the higher speeds provided by the Premium upgrade. 

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